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Published about 2 months ago • 2 min read

Fun mini-vacation!

Our long weekend was spent enjoying perfect weather in Asheville, NC - one of my favorite cities in the U.S!

We went on two beautiful hikes and played a round of disc golf while also eating our way through ice cream shops & coffee houses with our cousins.

I love logging into LinkedIn and seeing messages like this one below, from our Cook Wealth client - Sophie Howell.

Not only did I teach Cook Wealth the beauty of the timer, but I use a timer when I'm in LinkedIn so I don't get sucked into the rabbit hole. Like digital timers? Check out RaderCo's favorite Focus Booster (use code MARCEY for 20% off) or Time Timer physical timer.

Want to learn more about how we worked with Cook Wealth? Check out this case study.

Now that Q1 is over, I got to share my reflections with the Powered Path Program participants - my biggest brags, lessons earned, smartest decisions, what worked well, and what didn't work well. I also did reflections with my pal Wendy over lunch at Pure Vegan cafe and with RaderCo Concierge Lisa during our Quarterly Design Days at the lake. This weekend, I'll be doing another round with my husband to set our Q2 goals together.

Been to our website recently? We've been working hard since September to refresh our RaderCo site. We've been getting some unsolicited comments like the one shared below, and each time - it makes us all high five!

When you get this, Lisa and I will be on day two of our Design Days. We're starting the refresh of and working on a companion book to Work Well. Play More! And, of course, I'll also be counting down until April 12 for TEDxNCState!

On with the Weekender!


simplifying your what-ifs

Last week, I dove into the importance of preparing for the unexpected and how to simplify your what-ifs. While predicting every scenario is impossible, preparing for one is kindness to the people you love. It ensures a smooth transition, prevents unnecessary expenses, and maintains your professional reputation even after you can no longer manage things directly. Start with making sure that someone other than the people in your household knows where your essential documents are because family may be with you when you're stranded, ill, or otherwise unable to get them.


The ADHD Effect on Marriage: Understand and Rebuild Your Relationship in Six Steps by Melissa Orlov

If you or your partner deal with ADHD, this book is a game-changer for relationships! I've read it three times and highlighted so many Kindle notes it couldn't export them all. Orlov nails the challenges for both partners, no blame game or excuses here—practical tips to navigate post-diagnosis life and tweak long-standing relationship dynamics. Highly recommend!

Fresh Take on Professional Development Funds


Put Professional Development Funds to Work!

(...for yourself)

Do you have professional development funds available at work? Have you ever thought of investing in coaching to help you control your inbox, manage your attention, and free up some time? Learn more in this 12-minute podcast on using your funds, and then book a Discovery Call!

P.S. If you're a decision-maker and want to incorporate Design Days into your company culture, sign up for a Training Connection Call today!

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