RaderCo - Weekender Snapshot

Do you feel confident leading your team through the screen?

Last week, I spoke in Savannah for the CPA Firm Management Association about how to Defeat Distractions and Manage Well Remotely. It was a beautiful two days that included a riverboat ride. I missed seeing the dolphins, but not the gust of wind so strong it blew my sunglasses right off my face into the water!

I also spoke to CPA Academy to help them Work Well Remotely. When people work from home, they're afraid to take a lunch break or step away for even a few minutes. If someone pings them, they'll think they aren't working! If you were in the office, you could leave for lunch or take it with your colleagues. Step away, recharge your batteries, and return with more energy and focus in the afternoon.

I spent one delightful day with my Brainy Business pal, Melina Palmer, while she was in town. We had coffee, walking, lunch, and a second coffee (with a side of no sleep for me). It was a perfect day for sharing business and personal highlights.

We celebrated my husband's new album launch over the weekend. A fun event with loads of our friends, and they even had a beer made for them by Trophy Brewing. How cool is that?

Our 12% for 12 days promotion to celebrate TEDx was a success, but we also discovered one of the emails had a link issue. We don't like that it made purchasing hard, so we're extending the 12% off until midnight on July 1 for the Powered Path Program. Use the code 12DAYSBONUS to purchase.

When you get this, I'll be headed to Myrtle Beach to cheer on my niece in the national softball championships. Then Lisa and I are off for two days at the lake for our Q2 reflections and Q3 planning with our Powered Path Playbooks.

On with the Weekender!


50 shades of reading

Ever feel like your book list is overflowing, and you don't know what to read next? Our latest episode explains why I've limited my book choices this year and how I did it. QUICK TIP: Have a Kindle or enjoy audio? Download the Libby app and check out digital and audiobooks from the library simultaneously, or use Whispersync to switch between devices.

RADER-WORTHY CAUSE a.k.a. Marcey's Birthday Wish

Will you help a young student in Ghana?

On my 2022 Ghana trip, I saw tough conditions: no toilets and overcrowded open-air classrooms. These kids deserved better. The Work Meaningful Foundation is working hard to open its new middle school by the end of July. My goal: $3000 or 50 donations of any amount before my 50th birthday on Sep 8. Every dollar helps!


Mistakes Were Made (but not by me)

by Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson

Think you don't have cognitive dissonance? Think again. This book masterfully explains our tendency to justify actions. It helped me see how my own self-justification clouds judgment and influences decisions. Packed with examples from prosecutors, doctors, the #MeToo movement, spouses, politicians, law enforcement, and more. A must-read!

P.S. Need a fun beach read? Check out Work Well. Play More! Productive, Clutter-Free, Healthy Living - One Step at a Time

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