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Published about 1 year ago • 5 min read

Hi Reader,

I'm ready for spring!

Last weekend my handy husband finished building our two-level deck. Bring on the outdoor gatherings!

I'm on the advisory board for the Raleigh Founded co-working space and regularly host BYOB events where eight people get together and answer business, career, personal, and funny questions from me. Ice-breakers that make you want to learn more and ask questions you wouldn't usually ask when first meeting someone, like 'What's your worst ever fashion choice? or 'If you could have anyone in the world as your client who would you choose and why?' I was joined by fellow board member Dr. Leon Adelman of Ivy Clinicians. Note: This is a fabulous fashion choice for St. Patrick's Day!

Friends Lisa, Wendy, and I went to the Raleigh Roasts coffee bash. We sampled brews for about an hour, or long enough for me to get seriously jacked and speed-clean my house that afternoon. One of the companies we support is 321 coffee, staffed by individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. You can learn more about them here!

I taught over 1100 accountants how to work well remotely and shrink their inboxes through the CPA Academy. I was thrilled when they asked if the Powered Path Playbook™ could be a resource on their site. They recognize the value and I know how empowering it could be for a CPA.

"I've scheduled and taken 8+ CPE sessions over the last 2 weeks and this was the most interesting and helpful one. Sure, others are more technical and important to my profession. Still, I found this session valuable since I'm constantly spammed with emails and messages. I can't reply to them quickly enough. I'm taking away several good pointers."

I met RaderCo Mindfulness Specialist Amanda Chay at Social Impact Community Day for a walkie-talkie to discuss The Gospel of Wellness (book review below). It was a fast walk because we were so excited and animated to discuss what we read! I want all my friends to read it so I can discuss it more!

When you get this, I'll be finishing a hike with friend, client, and Vistage Chair Janet Boudreau and working a little early on my reflections for my quarterly date with Lilly Ferrick to go over our Powered Path Playbook™ questions.

Who are you reflecting with on your biggest brags, lessons earned, and smartest decisions? If your answer is no one - you are not alone in missing out on this valuable, career advancing practice. All good, we got you. We're on a mission to eliminate this knowledge deficit and get everyone there, one playbook at a time!

On with the Weekender!

p.s. Do you struggle with what you want to do in the next phase of your career? Unsure about how to transfer your skills to a new industry? Check out our Career Amplifier package!

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