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published8 months ago
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Hi Reader,

Uber inspired & grateful for my time with peers and healthy deep work!

My brain has exploded with all the feedback and ideas in the last two weeks. First, I spent 1.5 days with my Speakers With Impact mastermind in the mountains of beautiful Marion, NC, for our quarterly retreat.

We were the most productive we've ever been due to not having cell service, spotty-to-no wifi, and no power for about six hours. Talk about a digital detox! I highly recommend a mastermind or peer advisory group if you aren't in one already. We've been together since 2017, and my business would not be where it is today without their input and support.

Then I spent two days with my pal and RaderCo Team Specialist Wendy in Warrenton, NC, renting a VRBO. She edited her upcoming book on belonging, and I wrote three blog posts and podcasts on digital wellness. I'm such a fan of getting away to work on mission-critical projects and not being interrupted by meetings or the distractions of home.

I spoke to over 300 accountants about tackling their inboxes and then headed to Cook Wealth to train their team on Meeting Power-Ups. Do you know about the Rule of 7? For every person over 7 in a meeting, decision-making decreases by 10%. Don't insert yourself in meetings where you aren't necessary, and don't invite people that are 'nice-to-have.'

When you get this, I'll be with our diamond Concierge Lisa walking, drinking iced coffee, and enjoying a treat for her birthday. Then I see all three bands my husband performs with (and the first Lisa's husband is also in!) in one music-filled weekend, culminating on Sunday with the play Tiny Beautiful Things. It's gonna be jam-packed!

On with the Weekender!

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Marcey Rader - Chief Productivity Lead and founder of RaderCo

Marcey Rader is a multi-certified health, productivity, and digital wellness expert, award-winning global speaker, creator of the Powered Path Playbook™, and 3-time author. As the founder of the comprehensive productivity company, RaderCo, she and her expert team help leaders banish burnout and keep great employees through coaching, consulting, speaking, and training. Get valuable RaderCo updates, tips & helpful resources - straight to your inbox every 2-3 weeks. Sign-up for our Weekender Snapshot Newsletter for bite-sized productivity nuggets that you can implement immediately.

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