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Published 12 months ago • 3 min read

Hi Reader,

The calendar is filling up at RaderCo with four cross-country trips and others that may as well be that far. Stay tuned for announcements for those cities if you want to meet with me for laser coaching, a Discovery Session, or to talk about an upcoming event.

This week I spoke to over 600 accountants on how to Work Well Remotely, which includes a proper transition time away from work in the evening. Mine is either a walk around the neighborhood or 20-40 minutes in my infrared sauna. I also spoke to Propensity about managing distractions from their devices and finding one analog activity or event to do daily (just in time for Digital Wellness Day!).

Director of Marketing & Client Concierge Lisa and I are working to simplify our materials and resources this month. As a #1 Learner and #4 Maximizer in Strengthsfinders assessments, I tend to want to give too much information. Over time, our popular Go-To Guides have become unwieldy. We're excited about this shift to a more streamlined, easier-to-read format for all our clients and attendees. A coaching session with Dawn Sander, one of our two incredible Strengths coaches, was enlightening and gave me something to think about for my packages, materials, and content. More is not always better (says the woman who SPEAKS about overwhelm - the irony!).

When you get this, I'll be finishing up hosting a fun networking event, prepping for a party to celebrate a friend's 5th business anniversary, and packing for a trip to Green Bay, Wisconsin, to speak for the Project Management Institute and also get hang time with my cousin Kelly. Don't forget when you travel for work to try to include something fun or a purposeful connection when you can.

On with the Weekender!

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RaderCo - Revitalizing Productivity

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