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Published 10 months ago • 5 min read

Hi Reader,


Strap in- because I've got a lot to tell you! These past two weeks have been a jamboree, and it's only the start of my heavy travel schedule until August.

My journey started with a breakout with the folks at NEW-PMI in Green Bay, Wisconsin. During Time Power-Ups, we pondered the intriguing idea of treating our time with the same respect we'd give a virtuoso violinist on stage.

Then it was onwards to the NCACPA. We strategized how to shrink their inboxes to a more manageable size so they can pour their energy into serving their clients better. We also held a huddle on that pesky "decision fatigue" we all know too well. Ironically, after talking about how flashing lights, loud noises, and even our rings, pings, buzzes, and haptics trigger our involuntary attention (we can't ignore them and they contribute to decision fatigue) the convention center emergency system was set off by a fire and the strobe lights and alarms started buzzing and we had to evacuate. It was almost as if it were choreographed!

Next stop? FlexGen, where we discussed creating time guardrails, especially as their company grows and the juggling act gets trickier.

At Cook Wealth, I shared my secret recipe for a stress-free vacation. The ingredients? A well-thought-out prep, a peaceful break, and a smooth transition back to work. Pro Tip: add an extra day to your OOO and work offline on your first day back.

I'll be in Tacoma, Washington, speaking to the Department of Revenue in June. If you meet the 3Ps, reply & let's schedule a meeting while I'm there!

For those of you that received our Email Action special for CPAs this week - apologies! We meant to send that just to accountants, and don't want to put unnecessary emails in your inbox. But, bonus: you now have the option to take advantage of that special too until the end of May.

Did you know I'm a fan of walkie-talkies? Not the device, but actual walks and talks! I had three refreshing jaunts with friends and former clients at Umstead State Park (and - I'll take at least two more this weekend). Fun Fact: A Stanford study says our creative output can surge by a whopping 60% when walking. If that doesn't make you want to bolt from your desk, I'm not sure what will!

Now for some cake and confetti 🎂🎉 - I'm celebrating my 10th business anniversary on July 16! I'm brunching with four dear friends who've been with me through this roller-coaster journey for at least 8 of those 10 years. We'll be reminiscing, laughing over our epic failures, marveling at our surprising career turns, and sharing precious memories. Oh, and of course, we'll discuss the impactful skills we've learned from each other.

Speaking of which, I'd be thrilled if you'd share an impactful skill you've learned from me. Hit reply, and let me know!

Tonight, Kevin and I will laugh ourselves silly at Goodnight's Comedy Club featuring the hilarious Brad Williams. Then it's beach time with Petey the dog, and a gaggle of chickens.

Phew! That's a wrap on this week's adventures...

On with the Weekender!

p.s. Ready to break free of your inbox? Grab our Email Action Plan by May 31 to get $100 off! Know a friend held captive by their device? Forward this email!

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