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Hi Reader,

My travel adventures continue...

It was trip #2 in my three months of heavy summer travel. I headed to Dewey Beach, Delaware, to train 80 managers from Horizon Farm Credit, showing them the ropes of nailing remote management and how to run meetings like a boss. It was refreshing to work with a company that's all ears and open to fresh ways of doing things.

I introduced leadership to the magical world of Loom for asynchronous communications. They were so intrigued I was connected to their IT department to see if their existing software, Snagit, could step up and deliver the same thing (not quite, but close). If you're not on board with screen-capture software yet, we have a blog post and podcast waiting for you to unravel the secret! Get ready to bid adieu to those Zoom Zombies!

Dewey Beach is close to Salisbury, Maryland, so I got to visit with three clients and actually hug them.

There's nothing like taking digital relationships into the real world, right? On that note, if you are in San Diego and tick off my three "Ps"- shoot me a reply! I'd be delighted to meet you for some purposeful chit-chat.

I'm absolutely thrilled to tell you that RaderCo is teaming up with Wake Enterprises. They're a fabulous non-profit that empowers adults with disabilities by providing them with jobs. I had the pleasure of delivering a bunch of our Powered Path Playbooks™ to them, all set to be packaged in our signature purple envelopes. When you buy a playbook, remember you're not only treating yourself to a brilliant tool for reflection, planning, & prioritization, but you're also uplifting and empowering others to establish their own meaningful impact.

When this hits your inbox, I'll be presenting for Blueprint Medicines on the topic: "Guardrails Empowerment: Balancing Urgency and Thoughtfulness in a Hyper-Connected World." They're one of the rare companies that truly demonstrate their value of work-life balance instead of just tossing it around as a meaningless PR buzzword. Check out our latest case study with them here.

Here's a nugget for you: How do you create digital boundaries to ensure you have an unplugged vacation? Here's my go-to trick. Add an extra day to your out-of-office reply after you return to tackle all those daunting emails and get a meeting-free day (don't forget to check with your manager). This way, you won't find yourself stuck in your inbox the night before you 'officially' get back to work. Take it slow & easy, and slide back into your week like a pro.

...already CAN'T WAIT to discover & share what valuable insights await us in my journeys & other good stuff ahead!

On with the Weekender!


From Zoom Zombies to Async Advocates: How to Burn Down Your Meeting Culture & Rebuild it

Is your company living in a state of synchronous communication, and you feel like a Zoom Zombie? Our latest blog post and podcast discuss how to burn down your meeting culture and rebuild it. At RaderCo, we use Loom multiple times daily, eliminating many unnecessary meetings. Extra bonus time since the videos can be watched faster and paused when needed. We also use the Voxer walkie-talkie app for asynchronous communication and can listen faster at 1.25-2.0 speeds.


Software Training Specialist- DAWN BJORK

We're delighted to introduce Dawn Bjork, Software Training Specialist, to our roster of RaderCo experts! Dawn is The Software Pro and will focus on the systems aspect of training companies to master the Microsoft Office suite. We're combining systems training with behavior & habit skills (that's where I come in!) to offer companies a double-shot of effectiveness. As a special offer for June, any company investing in our 2-part program receives a bonus "Ask the Expert" session.


Supercharge Your Productivity: Design Your Dream Home Office with These 10 Expert Secrets

I was one of ten experts to advise on supercharging your productivity with your home office design. I'm a fan of a standing desk coupled with an anti-fatigue mat.

p.s. Do you want to know our secret to prioritization? Watch this 4-minute video to find out!

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