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Hi Reader,

WOW, have I had a whirlwind of adventures!

First up, let's talk about the milestone event on June 14th. I was honored to stand in front of the Washington Department of Revenue for their first in-person gathering in 15 years! You could feel the room's energy pulsating with excitement. Now, those folks have a tough gig - they're often the bearers of bad news, so it's no surprise they're not everyone's favorite visitors. I was thrilled to present Everyday Energy as their morning keynote. After receiving feedback, I am grateful to learn I made a difference.

Now, on to Time Power-Ups: Escaping the To-Do List Trap to Cook Wealth 🕐💥. This one was all about planning and making a rockstar comeback from vacations so that those dreaded Sunday scaries never stand a chance.

Pack your virtual bags - because we're headed to soul-enriching Asheville, North Carolina! Imagine this: a sanctuary with fellow speakers & business owners amidst lush greenery at Peace Rock retreat.

For three delightful days, we hiked, savored scrumptious meals, learned new breathing techniques, and got knee-deep into personal & professional growth. And the universe finally gave me some answers I'd sought for a year! The cherry on top? Being UNPLUGGED, like, truly unplugged. NO cell service and just a smidge of WiFi (for presentations only). #LessonEarned: DND mode is great, but NOTHING compares to being fully off-the-grid and embracing the present moment. 🌿✨

Oh, did I mention an actual bear outside our retreat's back patio door? 🐻 A BEAR!

Flash forward to home – sweet hubby and I had an hour together before he was off to a gig. Guess who decided to make a grand entrance? A 3-foot-long rat snake in our kitchen! No pic; I was too busy channeling my inner Jurassic Park Escapee Mode.

Fast forward a smidge, and I was basking in the opulence of the Fairmont Grand Del Mar in San Diego. I spoke to the champs at Mirati Therapeutics about Time Power-Ups, encouraging them to find their focus zone and embrace offline life in the evenings.

Over the 4th, my time was packed with disc golf, hiking, Black Mirror binges, chicken & waffles, the best-iced coffee at Full Bloom, and battling the heat wave - it was sizzling at 105!

Today is the official release of my husband's band's latest video - Roads Paved in Gold. They were recently named as Best of June 2023 Playlist by No Depression - WOOT WOOT!

As you read this, Concierge Lisa and I are probably nestled by the lake, diving into our Powered Path Playbooks™ for two Design Days. We're reflecting on Q2, planning for Q3, and enjoying the beauty around us.

On Sunday, I'll be hiking part of the Mountains to Sea trail with Sara, sharing stories, book reviews, and reflecting on the last couple of months.

#FoodForThought - Remember that sometimes unplugging and seeking out experiences can lead to magical revelations. And they may also come with a dash of up-close & personal encounters with our natural world... :)

On with the Weekender!


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