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Hi Reader,

Feeling the lazy embrace of summer? That's been me these past two weeks. Some light coaching sessions with clients on holiday and a beach getaway led to my last rendezvous with seafood. A scrumptious meal of ceviche and crab turned into an unexpected adventure in "internal decluttering" on the side of the road and someone's yard (sorry, unknown family!). By morning, I was back to my energetic self, all thanks to my friend Sara's pro tip - create a makeshift bed with couch cushions on the bathroom floor. Trust me, it was a game-changer! Since this was the third time in a few years that this has happened after eating shelled sea creatures, I'll consider it done and stick to fish of the non-exoskeleton persuasion!

In other news, we made a snappy 2.5-minute Focus Power-Ups video with snippets from that program.

Do you use our Powered Path Playbook™? If so, please be a helper and complete our survey to help us test the digital version! We're excited to offer this additional Playbook format option to our cadre of digital notetaker enthusiasts. #wegotyou

Here's what the Goldfish Series author Stan Phelps said about his experience with the Powered Path Playbook™. (and if you don't know about Stan, I've read all eleven of his books cover to cover!)

When you get this, I'll be savoring coffee and crepes with my friend Wendy and gearing up to sing & dance when my husband performs with the awesome Charles Latham and the Borrowed Band tonight. And tomorrow? Off to Smith Mountain Lake to hang with our dear friend Paul, whipping up paneer for dinner, quiche for breakfast, and maybe even fit in some happy hula-hooping on a paddleboard.

On with the Weekender!


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p.s. New to RaderCo and want to get to know me better? Check out the various podcast interviews I have given in recent years. Our RaderCo team has conveniently organized them for your easy cherry-picking (or bingeing) on Spotify. Check out the playlist HERE.

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