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Hi Reader,

Aren't all birthday celebrations two weeks long? I extended my celebrating time by heading to Arts Together for their 80's event! I got decked out in my rainbow tutu and big hair bow and jammed to MC Hammer and Kris Kross. Oh yes, I went full 80s, and so did the graffiti art we made. The best part? I've even signed up for breakdancing lessons for my 50 by 50 challenge.

Next stop: Charlotte. I joined forces with the incredible Wendy Gates Corbett to attend the Work Meaningful Afrocare CLT event. We're talking BIG THINGS people! The event was all about raising funds to build a middle school in Ghana. Massive shoutout to Justin Jones-Fosu, Raven Solomon, and our rockstar CFO Carolina Aponte. Kumasi, Ghana—I've got my heart ready for next year's school opening!

I had a mic drop moment after presenting to over 1,200 people on Email Extinguisher and Time Power-Ups. A standout comment from the National Society of Accounting Cooperatives proved it: Keeping people engaged on a screen isn't a walk in the park.

Over at RaderCo, Lisa and I took our planning to the lake house for our quarterly Design Days. We fine-tuned the marketing for our Powered Path Playbook as we're coming up on year one and ready to blast past beta mode. And guess what? We've digitized it! Now, you can choose a paper or digital playbook.

When you get this, I'll be shredding on some trails and sinking some putts in a mountain biking and disc golf date extravaganza with my hubby at Harris Lake. What's on my weekend menu? Solo Design Day on Saturday, walkie-talkie friend time on Sunday, and hosting dinner—paneer, anyone?

On with the Weekender!


3 easy ways to say no.

We all struggle with saying no sometimes, especially in our high-pressure, always-on work environments. But have you considered how mastering the art of saying no can drastically reduce overwhelm and burnout? In our latest blog post and 3-minute video, I give some easy ways to ease the pain of refusal. One is to set a meeting budget. Once you've hit your budget for the week, adding another meeting requires declining a current one.


brainy business podcast

I got to have a fan-girl experience as a guest on the Brainy Business Podcast (one of only five podcasts I listen to!), where Melina Palmer and I discussed habits, routines, and why I set up Work Well. Play More! as a 12-month novice/pro/master program. It was a serious "pinch-me" moment to learn that Melina loves and approves of my book and methods!


stolen focus: why you can't pay attention and how to think deeply again

In "Stolen Focus," Johann Hari explores the modern epidemic of scattered attention. He blends research, anecdotes, and his own experiences to highlight how our focus has been hijacked by technology and other distractions. I was most disturbed knowing that social media companies could create an algorithm to show us happier news and posts, but when we are happy, we don't stay on the website as long, so they won't do it. Also, the inventor of the endless scroll never realized the rabbit hole it would create and regrets his invention. Hari's work is a must-read for anyone interested in personal growth, productivity, and the essential art of paying attention in a world filled with distractions.

p.s. Great news for digital notetakers! The Powered Path Playbook™ is now available in PDF digital format. Simply upload to your favorite digital note-taking application.

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Marcey Rader - Chief Productivity Lead and founder of RaderCo

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