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Hi Reader,

I have had so many warm fuzzies in the last couple of weeks!

I sometimes wonder if my voice echoes in a podcast void. Well, I recently got two heartwarming messages from listeners of a guest episode I was on, and I watched the sales of my book increase after a second podcast feature. It felt so validating!

Then, I presented to over 1600 (!) accountants on Working Well Remotely and Time Power-Ups and received this message below. And guess what? Some were juggling email notifications on 3+ devices! So, if you're on that notification hamster wheel, consider this your permission slip to step off—device by device. Remember, those pings and dings are designed to steal your focus, not boost your productivity.

Then, I presented to IDEXX on Meeting Power-Ups. They were a highly engaged group and fun to work with! The buzzwords of the day? Practical. Actionable. Fluff-free.

Then, I saw this message from a personal coaching client as a photo from her Powered Path Playbook™. We are all deeply committed to the success of our clients here, and the clients we take on have that same level of commitment to themselves.

I also learned that I got accepted to do a TEDx talk! I'll be speaking at TEDx NCSU on April 14. Topic to be rolled out at a later date.

And speaking of rolling...I dove into breakdancing classes last week! It's one of my 50 things to do before 50, and it's as awesome as it sounds. Note that jumping rope, weight training, running, and biking do not transfer fitness to breakdancing. It's hard (and fun)! Pro tip: grippy sneakers and breakdancing don't mix—unless you're planning on a broken finger.

A few more of my 50 - re-reading 5 books that have been impactful, one of which is Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win. It's one of the top five business books I recommend, and I have two clients reading it right now! Another one I have re-read already is The Five Love Languages. This was truly eye-opening 15 years ago when I realized why my husband didn't care about the meals I left behind for him when I traveled (Acts of Service) and why I needed to praise and recognize him more (Words of Affirmation).

When you get this, I'll be on a mountain bike and disc golf day trip with my husband and planning our next 90 days for the family in the Powered Path Playbook. Tomorrow, we'll see one of our favorite performers, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit for Band Together.

On with the Weekender!


how to keep focus and be more effective at work

Do you know that co-workers are one of the most common distractions at work? We can't eliminate co-workers, but we can communicate our focus and time guardrails to them. Our latest blog post and 2-minute video discuss eight ideas to manage distractions and focus. I recommend setting your status in your chats to Do Not Disturb and adding in when you will be available for chatting, i.e., concentrating until 1:00 p.m., to alleviate any anxiety about when you will next be available.


the better gift coach

One of the few newsletters I subscribe to is The Better Gift Coach. Gifts are not my love language, either giving or receiving (mine is 100% acts of service to give and receive), and that's why I love his newsletter. It's not a weekly list of things to buy people, but thoughtful, creative, experiential gifts or ideas. I've contributed a few things I've received and have used his ideas to gift people myself! The creator, Patrick Kucharson, also has a great little e-book to help you never be the one that gives a gift of work, a selfish gift (we've all done it unknowingly), or an unwanted one.


beauty of conflict

In The Beauty of Conflict podcast interview, I discussed the connection between stress, lifestyle choices, health, and sustainable productivity, how effective planning and time-blocking impacts productivity, and how to improve meeting effectiveness (and a travel sleep hack as a bonus!).


the girlfriend's guide to lupus

RaderCo Team Specialist Amanda Chay's "Girlfriend's Guide to Lupus," is an exceptional book for anyone battling Lupus or knows someone who is. I was captivated by page 2. Chay's writing is as down-to-earth as it gets—honest, raw, and refreshingly candid. It's like sitting down for a coffee chat with your best friend, where you hash out the unvarnished truth together. Even though I don't have Lupus, I found myself reading every word—yes, it's that good and that funny. This isn't just a book for those living with Lupus; it's a masterclass in approaching chronic illness with humor, grace, and helpful advice.

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