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Published 5 months ago • 2 min read

Happy New Year!

We're back in business after two weeks off from email and meetings.

Before we left, my mind was blown at the Certified Speaking Professional® Summit. After a 2.5-day mastermind, I came home with the project of writing another book aimed at helping companies move away from an always-on culture. I'll start working on it in Q2 after TEDxNCSU. While the summit was intense, we also had some fun.

Speaking of books...I was delighted to see my book mentioned by the Better Gift Coach as a way to find time-saving methods for project work.

I always look forward to end-of-the-year reflection dates with my husband, two business peers, and RaderCo Concierge Lisa. I also got vulnerable, shared them with our Powered Path members, and gave a sneak peek into our priorities and some changes for this year. One update is a quarterly Voxer Day to Ask Me Anything as a membership perk!

I am honored to be part of the National Small Business Association Leadership Council on the Health and Human Resources Committee! The NSBA is the nation's oldest small-business non-partisan advocacy organization. I'll be working with them to promote the interests of small businesses to our elected representatives.

I recently presented to the super hospitable National Speaker Association St. Louis chapter on Super Sexy Speaker Systems and the National Association of Women Business Owners in Charlotte on how to put out the dumpster fire, otherwise known as their inbox.

Lastly, we're changing our packages and pricing for all team training starting February 1. Any agreements signed by January 31 get the current rates, so if you've been on the fence and are ready to extinguish email, make meetings matter, or remove distractions, sign up for a Connection Call:

When you get this, I'll be getting a mammogram (shocked you a little, didn't I?). Consider this a friendly RaderCo PSA to schedule your mammogram, colonoscopy, skin cancer screening, or annual physical. Don't delay - prioritize your health today!

On with the Weekender!


mastering priorities: are you walking the talk?

If a journalist were following you around today, writing a story about a day in the life of you, would they say your actions are in alignment with your priorities? Are you guilty of saying your health is #1, and you skip that afternoon movement break to answer one more email? Or that your family is a top three, but you check your phone at night during dinner when they tell you about the day? Check out our latest blog post and 12-minute podcast on breaking down priorities and reflecting on your actions.


go blue crew!

Congratulations to the seventeen(!) Blueprint Medicines Power Coaching clients nominated for end-of-the-year awards! We partner with Blueprint Medicines to coach, consult, and train their team members, and we couldn't be more excited. Read more about our partnership and how they created real change with Design Days and Meeting Resets.


my top 3 for 2023

I read 41 books in 2023, and Shepherd asked me to name my Top Three books of the year. It was a tough assignment. Click here to see what I chose!

P.S. Get the ultimate productivity course and tool to start 2024 off with a bang! Check out our Powered Path Program.

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