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Energized, Empowered, Engaged!

That's the rallying cry echoing from our recent events. We've ignited the productivity spark in over 2,000 folks on Working Well Remotely, tamed the email beast and Shrunk The Inbox for 830+, turbocharged 900+ with Time Power-Ups, and rolled out a triple-threat series for RTI International. A shoutout to our Systems Specialist, Rijul Arora, for sharing his Microsoft 365 wizardry with top-tier Executive & Administrative Assistant clients within our ongoing Corporate Consulting Partnerships.

Looking ahead: Supercharge Your 2023

Budget planning on your mind? Think RaderCo! Imagine a bespoke program tailored just for your team. We're talking a unique Productivity & Health Scorecard, culture-transforming consulting, dynamic team training, and empowering coaching. Ready to don your superhero cape? Team up with us for a win-win outcome!

Music with Mom

Highlight Alert! My supermom zoomed down from Indiana for an unforgettable P!nk concert in Charlotte. I splurged on Lower Level seats, and every penny was a cheer to living life to the fullest.

The physicality of P!NK's dancing and flying (for real....in a harness flying like Tinkerbell) while she was singing....extraordinary!

My new mantra after COVID-19?

Never let "too expensive" dim the sparkle of a must-see concert! I took one photo, and my mom took about five. The rest of the time, we were dancing and watching the performance with our eyeballs and not through the lens of our phones. Read my soapbox rant here.

We also saw the lovely Lisa Veronica Wood (aka RaderCo Concierge) perform with her band, Sidecar Social Club. Visiting or live near the Raleigh area? Check out their website for some of the best jazz (and most beautiful voice) in the region!

Coming Up: Holiday Special Sneak Peek!

While you're reading this, I'm dotting the i's on our holiday special for the Powered Path Program. Hunting for that perfect team gift that outshines the typical bottle of wine or coffee shop gift card? Stay tuned for next week's big reveal – grab it while it's hot!

Weekend Vibes: More Music and Brews

This weekend? I'm grooving with Jack the Radio at Trophy Brewing's 10th-anniversary bash and then off to Sunday brunch to sip the best latte in Raleigh*, served with the brightest smile by my friend Jimmy. :)

* Alas, until Jimmy takes his skills public - you'll have to take my word on the 5-star latte rating.

On with the Weekender!


prevent decision fatigue

Decision fatigue is a common plight for many professionals, constantly shifting gears from one minor decision to the next, which scatters focus and zaps energy. Discover five actionable strategies to recharge your decision-making battery and take control of your day. One strategy? Simplify your wardrobe by reducing the number of outfit options to consider. You don't have to go all out Zuckerberg or Jobs, but having a color scheme or several go-to choices can save your decisions for more important things later in the day.


time power-ups sizzle reel

Considering what topic to train your teams or attendees on next year? Check out this 57-second snippet of Time Power-Ups: Escaping the To-Do List Trap, where I cover wearing the busy badge, creating guardrails, and the one thing you shouldn't do first thing in the morning.

p.s. Want to transform how your team reflects, plans, and prioritizes but don't want to wait until the holiday special to purchase for your group of 10+? Reply today, and we'll be in touch with a special deal.

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