Don’t lose time prioritizing the wrong things

In my TEDx, "The Relentless Pursuit of More" I shared how my drive to achieve led to a lonely husband, two preventable medical diagnoses, and a loss of what truly mattered. While it was a low point for me personally, in many ways it was worth it because I found a new mission: Health-Powered Productivity.

And you’re part of it!

Our 12 Days of Celebration are halfway through. Don't miss your chance to get 12% off all our coaching, speaking engagements, and our Powered Path Program.

What’s the Powered Path Program?

  • one-hour on-demand productivity course
  • physical or digital playbook containing prompts for reflection, planning your goals from big to small, and prioritizing what matters most
  • quarterly group reflection calls with me

Why it matters:

We often spend lots of time planning (too much actually). And we don’t invest enough time where it really matters. After a decade of work and research in this area, I know how important it is for everyone to reflect on:

  • our experiences
  • our smartest decisions
  • and our big wins

Successful people reflect on their past experiences to improve their future actions and this program is specifically curated to help you do just that.

Sign up by June 25 using the code 12DAYS to lock in your 12% off before it's gone.

And don’t forget...

The 12% discount applies to any of our services, including keynotes and corporate training. Book a coaching Discovery Call or Speaker Connection by June 25. The call can be scheduled for later as long as it's booked within this timeframe. Mention this email for the discount. Packages must be completed in 2024.

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