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My last two weeks perfectly balanced "working well" and "playing more," and I have much to share! Remote work has been my jam since way back in 2001 (yes, it WAS a thing, even THEN!). Recently, I had the pleasure of speaking to 355 accountants about avoiding distractions, fostering healthy habits, and adding some "bookends" to their workdays for a smoother shutdown. My personal bookend reminder? Alexa belting out Robert Randolph and the Family Band's "Ain't Nothing Wrong With That" at 5:00 pm. It's my cue to wrap things up and dance into my evening. Speaking of dancing...my breakdancing classes have intrigued many people. No, I don't have moves yet, and it is HARD.

Have you ever thought about your ultimate transition dance song? Reply with your pick!

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Now, onto some culture and entertainment. We attended Band Together's fundraiser, where we saw one of our favorites, Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, along with Durand Jones and Aaron Lee Tasjan.

We also attended the Justice Theater Project's 12 Angry Jurors play, and wow, it really got Kevin & me thinking. It's incredible how external pressures can influence decision-making, even in critical situations of a man's life and death. It could be easy to fall under the pressure of an intimidating juror or make the wrong decision just because you were tired, hungry, and wanted to go home (or had Hamilton tickets that night).

Did you know that when you're fatigued, you're more likely to make status quo, fear-based decisions? One study showed that when judges decided whether prisoners should be released on parole, they were denied almost 100% of the time if it was before lunch or a break. They needed more time to think, but that break was too soon in the future. Don't schedule important decisions in the 15 minutes between meetings!

Then, we hit up the Michael Jackson musical, "MJ" - what a spectacular show! The music, stage, lighting, orchestra, band, and dance moves made the three hours fly by like magic.

On a more serious note, I want to ensure you know of the 988 service. It's like 911 but for mental health crises. If you or someone you know ever needs support, it's available 24/7. They even have special counselors for veterans, military, and LGBTQ individuals. They also talk to friends and family of loved ones in crisis and help you develop a plan for safety. Knowing about this amazing resource for you and your loved ones could save a life.

When you get this, I'll be doing a walkie-talkie with my friend and RaderCo Stress Reduction Specialist, Amanda Chay.

Amanda recently released a fantastic book called "A Girlfriend's Guide to Lupus," a must-read for anyone dealing with autoimmune diseases. Tomorrow, I'm excited about attending High Vibe Raleigh, an alcohol-free daytime dance party in downtown Raleigh. Who needs alcohol or darkness to dance, right? Think of it like doing Zumba or CrossFit outside during the day. If you're local, why not join me?

On with the Weekender!

distractions, be gone!

Have you ever wished for a "Do Not Disturb" sign for your life, not just your phone? Dive into our latest blog post and 90-second video, where we unpack how to effectively embrace a distraction-free zone and boost your productivity. It's a must-read for anyone looking to decrease their overwhelm in an always-on culture. Pro tip: Set up your phone to automagically go into focus zones during your workday so you can set it and forget it! Full-post and video links, below.


quarter reflections-sneak peek

Marcey recently shared her Q3 reflections, including some big brags, smart decisions, and something amazing! Here's a peek at her session with our Powered Path community. Ole!

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