Marcey Rader - Chief Productivity Lead and founder of RaderCo

Marcey Rader is a multi-certified health, productivity, and digital wellness expert, award-winning global speaker, creator of the Powered Path Playbook™, and 3-time author. As the founder of the comprehensive productivity company, RaderCo, she and her expert team help leaders banish burnout and keep great employees through coaching, consulting, speaking, and training. Get valuable RaderCo updates, tips & helpful resources - straight to your inbox every 2-3 weeks. Sign-up for our Weekender Snapshot Newsletter for bite-sized productivity nuggets that you can implement immediately.

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RaderCo - Weekender Snapshot

Hi Reader, Aren't all birthday celebrations two weeks long? I extended my celebrating time by heading to Arts Together for their 80's event! I got decked out in my rainbow tutu and big hair bow and jammed to MC Hammer and Kris Kross. Oh yes, I went full 80s, and so did the graffiti art we made....
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3 days ago • 3 min read

Overwhelmed? See the Potential With KayLynn's Inspiring Journey.

Hi Reader, Ever feel like business challenges and personal crises are pulling you down? You. are. not. alone. KayLynn Dalebout was there, too, overwhelmed with a business in chaos and a life in turmoil after a family tragedy. But her story didn't end there. With RaderCo's help, KayLynn went...
6 days ago • 1 min read

See how this small business transformed professional development.

Hi Reader, Feel like your company's drowning in meetings, distracted to the brim, and barely managing its task load, but worry you're too small to invest in professional development like the big corporations? We're convinced this case study will not only intrigue you - but, quite possibly, make...
11 days ago • 1 min read

Unleash Your Team's Potential - A Proven Solution to Overwhelm & Burnout

Hi Reader, In today's competitive environment, balancing efficiency & employee well-being is PARAMOUNT. At RaderCo, we've developed unique strategies that target the core issues many corporations face today: overwhelm, burnout, and loss of focus. We're excited to share three case studies, each...
13 days ago • 1 min read

RaderCo - Weekender Snapshot

Hi Reader, Wow, it's been an eventful three weeks packed with exciting updates! I had the incredible opportunity to present not once, but twice, to the United States Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. We dove into the world of Time Power-Ups and Email Extinguisher, exploring how to...
17 days ago • 4 min read

RaderCo - Weekender Snapshot

Hi Reader, Feeling the lazy embrace of summer? That's been me these past two weeks. Some light coaching sessions with clients on holiday and a beach getaway led to my last rendezvous with seafood. A scrumptious meal of ceviche and crab turned into an unexpected adventure in "internal...
about 1 month ago • 2 min read

RaderCo - Weekender Snapshot

Hi Reader, Buckle up - these past two weeks have been nothing short of EXTRAORDINARY, and I can't wait to fill you in on all the fabulous details! First, I had the electrifying experience of co-presenting on my 10th biz anniversary with Speaker Hall of Famer Crystal Washington at the National...
about 2 months ago • 3 min read

Don't Let Emails Hold Your Team Back.

Hi Reader, Do you drag your laptop out at night to get your 'real work' done because you're fighting fires all day? Are you so distracted with all the Teams chats and email replies that you get to the end of your day and don't know what you accomplished? It doesn't have to be this way! Don't miss...
3 months ago • 1 min read

RaderCo - Weekender Snapshot

Hi Reader, WOW, have I had a whirlwind of adventures! First up, let's talk about the milestone event on June 14th. I was honored to stand in front of the Washington Department of Revenue for their first in-person gathering in 15 years! You could feel the room's energy pulsating with excitement....
3 months ago • 3 min read

Unleash Your Team's Potential with Our Email Extinguisher Series.

Hi Reader, Did you know the average office worker spends 2.5 hours daily managing emails? That's more than a day's worth of work each week! Just imagine what your team could achieve if they could reclaim that time & focus on their core tasks or Top Three Priorities. Introducing RaderCo's...
3 months ago • 1 min read
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